Hello there ladies and gentlemen!

Don’t get me wrong i’m not heartbroken, is just the summer is almost over and musically too there’s autumn coming. Laments and songs of despair mixed with romantic and lost love themes are coming back to replace hollow summer hits. I’ve been to the Victoria Film Festival and now i’m in the mood for short films.

There goes my love again!

Donald who is also known as Childish Gambino was at first an actor. Now after he directed and played in this short he promised to focuss on his rap career.

I was talking about heartache earlier because of Mr. Kensrue. Thank you to my friend Mihai Andrei aka Clor Mult for posting great music on Facebook!

When it comes to satire this is what i’m talking about:

Another hip-hop short film from The Devil himself. Ain’t that something?

The summer is not over yet. So imma gonna squeeze some reggae in.

It was about time someone made an metal cover out of this one!

Salmonella Dub are back and i couldn’t be more happier.

I like this song more than the video but i can’t help to post it.

This one goes out to all the people out there set to make sophisticated music. YOU WILL FAIL!

Dizzee is an obvious continuation to These New Puritans. Don’t ask why!

Sweet sweet DUB!

After Miike Snow comes Rejjie Snow.

Ben Drury is a very very good cinematographer!

Patrice is back and sounds much more interesting than in the last six years.

I have no idea why but this seemed natural as a follow-up.

Basement Jaxx are back too. Everybody’s back!

I was talking about Mihai from Breathelast earlier. Well this new video from The Boy Who Cried Wolf makes me proud i know him!

Cody Chestnutt is the guy who sang with The Roots! The THAT GUY!

I feel like rounding it up, summing it up with another short movie. Justin Vernon won me over!

See you, hear you, watch you soon! Real soon!

Written by Andrei Bucureci

Hello there… My name is Andy and I am an avid reader, but also a music writer. I constantly read and appreciate blogs and reviews. I appreciate different styles and musical directions: indie, rock, electronic, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk, punk, ambient and improv music (I am also aware of the many of these styles divisions). I appreciate the underground same as the mainstream, but especially the underground because I admire authenticity, originality and eclecticism. I am active in music through the band called Crowd Control. ( A good day!

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